MMS-2 Marine Audio Video System

Multimedia system MMS-2 dedicated for motorboats and yachts, resistant to water and salt according to IP66 standard. The operator panel equipped with a large 5 "color display allows easy control of the system as well as watching video and TV streams.
The flat control panel allows for easy and quick assembly.

Basic information of the MMS-2 system:

• Intuitive and easy operation
• Possibility of independent control of the system from 12 operator panels
• Twelve independently controlled sound channels
• Fiber-optic control and transmission system for amplifiers
• Audio/Video playback from USB storage media
• Playing A2DP Bluetooth audio stream from mobile devices
• WiFi communication
• Support for up to four on-board cameras
• FM, AM, DAB/DAB+ radio tuner
• DVB-T tuner (optional)