Digital DAB/DAB+ tuner for factory AUDI MMI. JRDAB-01 allows to receive digital radio services DAB/DAB+. The device has function of tracking selected service while driving Service Following. Fully integrates with MOST optical system. The use of appropriate connections allows for quick and easy connection to the car’s installation.


• Controlled directly from the factory panel of the MMI units
• Dynamic labels: DL/DL+
• Support for standards DAB and DAB+
• Displaying radio stations on the original AUDI MMI screen
• Communication over the MOST fiber optic bus
• DAB factory mode or CD emulation
• Track the selected radio station while driving (Service Following)
• TA – Traffic Announcement
• Compatible with factory car antenna
• Antenna supply from JRDAB-01 module (Phantom Power)
• Possibility software update
• Easy installation

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