The device is designed to control double-leaf gate, cooperating with the motors AC 230V.

Functions performed by the device:

• Motor Control 230V;
• Manual control lines (external buttons);
• Remote control (remote control with the possibility of up to 5 channels, coding Keeloq);
• The ability to control five drivers (gates) independently or in groups;
• Manual control button located on the service plate mode (step by step);
• Semi-automatic operation;
• Automatic operation (after the opening of the countdown for the automatic closing);
• The ability to choose which engine starts to move first;
• The function of the release movement of the door before the end of the closing cycle;
• Work with the photocell on closing;
• Work with forokomórką when opening;
• Traffic lights operation;
• With the door closed to run the actuators takes place more power (important during cold weather);
• Time opening and closing of each wing is set separately for each of 10s. to 60s .;
• Adjustable time tab wings;
• Adjustable engine power during movement (reduction of power);
• Adjustable time delay automatic closure;
• Function gates (STOP button stops the door in any place);
• Cooperation with limit switches;
• In cooperation with the photocell during the closing cycle override the photocell causes an immediate stop of the gate and reverse its movement (open to fully open).