The AMI-V4 module enables playback of Audio files from „USB”, iPods, iPhones in Audi cars equipped with the MMI 2G audiovisual system. The device from the USB port plays the files recorded in MP3 format and from the iPod 30pin the files in the format of iPod, iPhone.
Both „carriers” can be switched on simultaneously with the option of quickly switching „media” and selecting the sound source.
The use of appropriate connections allows for quick and easy connection to the car’s installation.


• Support directly from the MMI 2G panel
• Display information on the factory display
• AMI factory mode
• Communication over the MOST fiber optic bus
• Display names of artists, songs, albums, etc.
• Fast forward and rewind track
• Shuffle songs in the selected folder
• Mp3 files support
• USB Flash Drive support (up to 32GB)
• iPod support (with optional cable)
• Possibility software update
• Easy installation

Kit contents