About company

Juna P.P.H.U. was founded in 1997. The inspiration for the founding of the company was the deve-lopment of automotive electronics, and the experience gained over the years has allowed the implementation of the global market their products. We offer over time is steadily expanding. Currently, in addition to automotive electronics also specialize in digital video systems. We provide services related to the design of microprocessor devices, printed circuit boards, software for microcontrollers and PCs. We offer professional installation of SMT and THT.

Execution of orders

Every order we can finish at any stage of production, eg.: preparation of technical documen-tation, prototype, a small trial run as well as any number of target for specific order. Stages in the development of documentation and production of the ordered equipment: determining objectives and requirements of the equipment, the development of the project, selection of components, optimized for the production process, the development of cost analysis, design and execution of printed circuit board, prototype, software design, final production unit.

Why us

The versatility of our company provides you with both the design and performance of of electronic devices for individual orders. An experienced team of designers and developers will develop for you design equipment according entrusted specifi-cation that meets preset functionality. Our experts consult on a regular basis with the customer issues relevant to the project, making the system creates optimal from the point of view of production costs, its reliability and its compliance with the criteria established in it. We invite you to cooperation.